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Convert Meetings into Deals with an Impressive Office

Creating and leaving a best first impression is one of the most dreaded tasks in personal or professional lives. All it takes is just a quick glance, not lasting 3-4 seconds, for someone to judge you when you are meeting … Continue reading

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The perks of having a shared office

The moment you listen “perks”, ‘fringe benefits’ or ‘incidental gain’ as an employee or as a customer is something that might run through your mind, right? It has to be that way because ‘perks’ indeed are added compensation for doing … Continue reading

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The pros and cons of a shared office

Shared office space is becoming popular among startups or growing small businesses. A lot of start-ups and new entrepreneurs have found occupying office space in a sharing environment instead of working from a corner of a living room or renting … Continue reading

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Guide to Starting Your Own Freelance Business

Freelancers are often the envy of salaried employees. Imagine working when and where you like. Imagine not having to ask permission to go on leave. Imagine being your own boss. While all this sounds great, freelancing also has its challenges. … Continue reading

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Funding Your Small Business

So, you have a million-dollar idea! But before you can turn it into a profitable business, you need funds. Getting funds seems like an uphill task. How can a small business without capital or credentials get the required amount of … Continue reading

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How To Start Your Own Freelance Business

You’ve been thinking about it, dreaming about it. Well, now is the time to take that leap and start your own freelance business. There are incredible opportunities for people who have the skills and the will to do this –and … Continue reading

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