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There are some organizations that put employee training and development on the back burner. They do not see an immediate benefit and view investing in their employees as more optional than essential. They do not see the expense as worth … Continue reading

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Delegation through Responsibility. Authority, Accountability

An organization stands on three pillars of strength. Responsibility, Authority, Accountability. Unless you are literally a one-man army, you have to rely on others down the line to deliver results. The best organizational heads know the benefits of delegation. They pick the … Continue reading

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Being Your Own Boss – And Loving It!

How does it feel to give yourself a pay cheque, a bonus, a promotion? When you are self-employed, you are the boss. What a feeling! But also remember what US President Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” The other … Continue reading

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The New Leaders

What do you think today’s employees value in today’s manager? Trustworthiness! A survey of more than 3000 leaders, managers and employees has found out that employee expectations have changed a lot over the last year presenting the present managers with … Continue reading

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