What Makes Serviced Offices a Smart Business Decision

There’s something about a ‘serviced’ office that beats working from an owned or leased office (with all its infrastructural and staffing hassles) or from home (with all its distractions). The operative word is ‘serviced’. You can walk into a fully-furnished and equipped office, with your desk clean and orderly, everything in place—inviting you to forget […]

What Changes Does The Workplace Need to do Because of The Pandemic?

The Pandemic has brought many changes in its wake, giving rise to a new phrase in our vocabulary: the new normal. As people start returning to work, the office will see a lot of changes coming into effect. Making the place where we work Pandemic-proof be a challenge. It will require new working patterns that […]

Qualities That Make Business Centers Unique

Business centers in India started out as spaces in hotels with computers and desks for hotel guests on business trips. This service evolved into specially designed workspaces for individuals as well as companies. And so was born the modern business center. A host of factors make a business center unique –different from just a collection […]