How Quality, Flexible Workspaces can Change the Way Businesses Function

There’s both an art and a science to workspace management and planning that can lead to greater employee satisfaction with the corollary – increased productivity and business success. Serviced offices in Navi Mumbai are a case in point. While planning the workspace, a great deal of time was devoted to questions like what will space […]

Different Conference Room Set-ups – Choose the One That is Right For You

Whatever the nature of your business, you will from time to time need to have meetings, large or small, formal or informal. Business centers in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad offer conference and meeting rooms along with their commercial office space, office space and serviced offices. These are available in different […]

Business Centers – Setting The Stage For Great Performances

In many ways a business center is like the setting of a play. Everything is in place: the furniture, the equipment, the lights.  But just like in a play, there’s more to a business center than these tangible elements. Just as a play comes to life when the actors come on stage, so a business […]