3 Tips for Social Media to gain the Right Customers

3 tips for finding customers through a directed social media campaign:

1. The right platform. If you want to find customers, it’s your job to pick out which platform caters to your business’ desired audience and join it. Selecting the right social media platform for finding customers may seem basic, but business owners tend to leap on to the next big thing.

2. Give it time. Big businesses can often afford to hire a professional to manage their social media efforts, while small businesses, which typically have more limited means, often can’t. But it’s a mistake to do nothing or to even make a half-hearted attempt.You have to be willing to make a serious time commitment or hire someone to put in the time for you.

3. Provide value. The best way to get people to follow, fan, and eventually shop at your business is to give them something they want, not just a pitch to buy your product or service. No matter if you’re offering entertainment or information, people will pass along your tweets, newsletters or posts only if they think someone else they know will also find value in it. You have to pay people for their time.

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