5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office Space in 2020

It has been said that “choices are abundant – it is the right decision that is the rare one.” Abundant choices but one rare decision that is critical to your business: the right serviced office space.
Here are some factors to consider before you zero in on the office space that’s right for you.and can help your business grow.

The location

Location is a key consideration. Is the business centre located in a prime business area? Is it a ‘happening’ place with shops, banks, restaurants nearby — buzzing with activity? Is transportation easily available? What about the parking facilities? Think about how accessible the location will be for your clients. And don’t forget that important target group –your employees. If the people who work for you find it difficult to commute to work, you may end up losing some of your star performers. It’s worth checking out the location yourself before signing on. Serviced offices in Andheri, Mumbai score high on these parameters.

Support services

The reason you are opting for serviced office space is that you want to focus on your business and leave everything about running the office to the space provider. You don’t want to be hassled about infrastructure, staffing and maintenance. Make sure there is strong business support in the business centre you choose. It goes without saying that you need cutting edge IT support so there’s no downtime. You also need the support of an experienced team who makes sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Serviced offices in Kolkata boast excellent support services.

An inviting look

You are going to spend a lot of time in the business centre you choose so make sure it looks inviting. The furniture and fittings should reflect quality and charm. The ambience should make you feel inspired to do your best work. There’s a productive culture in serviced offices in Hyderabad, very amenable to business growth.

Flexible solutions

The space provider needs to offer flexible solutions for upsizing or downsizing. You may also have special needs. The ability to make adjustments for individual requirements goes a long way in creating a comfort zone as is evident in serviced offices in Chennai, for example.

Meeting rooms

Access to conference and meeting rooms is important for any business, large or small. Whether the meeting is formal or informal, the room must be well furnished and equipped. It is also critical to have a technical team in attendance to ensure that the equipment works perfectly. Your image and professionalism are at stake so give this priority. Serviced offices in Andheri, Mumbai offer meeting rooms of different capacities that can be used in multiple ways.

Breakout areas

For better productivity, there also need to be breakout areas where people can take time off from their desks to just think or have brainstorming sessions. Serviced offices in Hyderabad are an example of imaginatively designed breakout areas.

Details that matter

What sets one office space apart from another are those little details that show that superb service and not just the size of the space you take is of paramount importance to the service provider.

Look the place over carefully, talk to the staff and even some clients who work there. Keep your antennae tuned to capture nuances.

Make a checklist of all your requirements before making your final choice. It takes time and effort but the results will show – on your business growth graph!

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