6 Growth Tips for Home-based Business

When we think about Home-based Businesses – we often limit their potential. There’s so much more…

A little bit of creativity and you can open up a wider gate to revenue without hiring any employees and no office space required. And all of this you can keep it to yourself. Here’s how:

1. Technology – By scheduling regular newsletters, blog-post notifications, all via the rapidly growing social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Sure you must be having your own blogging site. Automate as much as possible. Software such as Citrix Systems can get you done with the automation process. You wouldn’t have to send those bulk e-mails…

2. OutsourceWebsites such as Elance and vWorker.com are hubs for freelance marketplace where you can find a wide variety of contractors, from accountants to secretaries. And all comparatively inexpensive. Is there anywhere written that you have to hire employees for full-time to grow? There has been a surge in small sized companies outsourcing labour this way.

3. OpportunitiesStay Alert – Start-ups have a huge edge over big companies as far as opportunities are concerned. Entrepreneurs quickly shift & change gear as soon as an opportunity jumps up – leading them to more business.

4. Stay ProfessionalDo not care less for the back-end of your business. Be systematic with your payments and other sundry expenses which would save your time and would also look professional in the eyes of your customers/clients. Having regular business hours lets them that you’re reliable.

5. Keep InvestingHaving no office space would not bring you overhead charges but you do have to keep investing – money as well as time – into your business to let stand out – like better systems, more efficient self- management. You need to spend money to make money.

6. NetworkingSome entrepreneurs shut themselves up in their home-based office just to put up the excuse over not meeting more clients. Big mistake. Get out of that little cave and get into networking. Serious networking. You can build stronger bonds with potential clients when you regularly have effective face-to-face meetings. Keep attending networking events in order to gain exposure to new clients and more importantly new ideas.

Finally, do not forget your goals. Go step by step. Always keep your business plan up to date – all step by step.

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