A Common Guide to the Different Types of Office Spaces

different types of Office Spaces

Flexible workspace is a term that has been making rounds in the business world, and owing to its benefits, a lot of professionals are now adapting to it.

Thanks to the evolution of office space solutions, we now have several innovative options that can be built around a business’s requirements. An entrepreneur from Mumbai can now effortlessly get an office space in Chennai and set up their business in a new city with whatever services and amenities they desire, all at a reasonable cost.

Since the office is the place where most professionals spend the majority of their day, it needs to be the right blend of comfort and space while inspiring people to perform their best. Finding the perfect type of office does not necessarily mean casting a hole in one’s pocket.

Entrepreneurs need not bear the cost of a traditional office and can find an innovative office space solution that caters to their company’s needs precisely.

To help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject, here is a quick overview of the different types of office spaces in Mumbai and several other metropolitan cities across India.

Different Types of Office Spaces

Shared Office Space

If there is a type of office space in Mumbai or any other metropolitan city that has gained immense popularity over the last decade, it is shared office space. These types of offices are a robust solution for business owners who have recently started their entrepreneurial journey.

People who are in the initial stages of business and need flexibility in their workspace can benefit largely from this type of office space. Shared office spaces promote teamwork and easy communication along with umpteen networking opportunities while reducing expenses to a minimum.

Businesses can upscale and downscale their headcount as they please by renting as many desks as they require with shared office spaces.

Serviced Office Space

Your office space solution provider will oversee and provide support for all your business requirements when you are in the serviced office premises.

You will have a dedicated receptionist who will answer your business phone calls in a professional manner in your company’s name, they will also handle mail and courier services and provide secretarial and administrative services.

Flexible and simple contracts make renting a serviced office easier while also ensuring that there is enough room for your business to welcome new talent onboard.

Serviced offices are excellent for entrepreneurs who need more administrative or front desk assistance and want a more formal office setting than sharing or coworking spaces.

Fully furnished Office Space

Moving into a new office space is a heinous task. Everything from finding the right office space in the right location to furnishing it according to the ease of functionalities and aesthetics, office space hunting can drain an entrepreneur quickly.

But what if there was an office space solution that came with all the above-mentioned facilities and much more? Fully furnished office spaces are the offices that are ready to move in for businesses that decide to work in them.

These workspaces have everything planned from the sitting arrangements of the team members to recreational spaces like a pantry and business lounge.

Virtual Office Space

Virtual offices are the latest buzz in the business world, especially in major cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. They are the types of office spaces that have enabled professionals to enjoy flexibility while having the stability of a brick-and-mortar office.

By setting up your business in a virtual office space in Bangalore or Mumbai, one can get access to all the benefits of an office space like a professional business address, reception service, courier, mail and fax service, as well as conference and meeting rooms at a fraction of the cost.

The workforce can adapt to the trend of working remotely with the assurance that they have the stability of a physical office location with the virtual office solution.

If you are an entrepreneur in search of an ingenious workplace solution that attends to your needs and fits your budget while providing you with all the benefits of an advanced office space, you are in just the right place.

DBS Business Center is one of the leading and fastest-growing office space solution providers that can help you find the perfect home for your business. You can choose from the above-mentioned types of offices plus several others to find the right combination of space and services for yourself.

We have 10 spectacular office spaces in Andheri, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Chennai and several other major metropolitan cities in the country.

Apart from providing the finest office spaces with all the amenities you can need under one roof, with DBS Business Centre, you will also get administrative services that make your time in the office convenient and productive.

We take care of all your end-to-end office space requirements so you can focus on your core business and unlock its highest potential. Countless businesses have found their home with DBS Business Centre, and you can too. Connect with us today and let our professionals find the perfect office space for you.

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