Advantages of co-working Spaces Over Typical Office Spaces

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a business? A regular office, right?

A regular office – small or big is the most common sentiment connected to any business. An address works as a confidence booster. Plus, an office at a prominent location increases the chances of business deals turning positive. Conversely, enterprises without a regular office or home-based businesses have limited exposure to the business world.

But in the times of hiking realty prices, rising rents, the question is, how far is a traditional office beneficial for businesses? The answer is quite simple – Unaffordable.

So what’s the answer? As a trendsetter in co-working spaces, we believe coworking is the ideal solution for existing and new enterprises. Co-working can help existing businesses to reduce costs and new companies can eliminate the trouble of buying or renting office space and focus on their business.

Office spaces are evolving and with the advent of coworking spaces, it’s time to say goodbye to stuffy, old, and stale traditional office space. Coworking space is the latest alternative to the typical old office environment.

You might think why are we praising coworking space, but to be honest, the concept itself is so much advantageous, no one could stop praising it. Wish to know the advantages, read on.

  • Collaboration – Coworking space promotes a pleasant environment. Allows business owners to work among people and other companies from various industries. Occupants constantly get access to talented professionals who can benefit their business. Plus, they get the ability to collaborate and expand business opportunities.

  • Freedom – Coworking space offers what a typical office set-up cannot ever – the freedom to operate at the chosen time, the freedom of not having fixed hours, the freedom of choosing a monthly rental plan, and the freedom of hiring space based on budget.

  • Best for start-ups, freelancers, and new enterprises – Coworking space has turned out as an innovative and invaluable deal for start-ups, freelancers, and new entrepreneurs. Their advantage – be surrounded by like-minded professionals, connect with other entrepreneurs, get problems solved, share resources, create a social and friendly atmosphere, and the big one – save money.

  • Focus. Focus. Focus. – If you thought, coworking spaces are loud and distracting, you would be wrong. The atmosphere in coworking space is highly charged-up/focused on getting things done. It is inclined toward increasing productivity whilst ensuring mutual understanding, interaction, and motivation.

  • Community involvement – Coworking spaces promote a feeling of belonging and attachment among members. It gives ample opportunity to weave a network and blend in group events and meetings. Additionally, the association offers a chance for people to explore their personal passion.

  • Locations and Cost-effectiveness – Last but the most important. Coworking spaces are spread across prominent locations in most cities in India, increasing the chances of business growth. Moreover, owing to flexible pricing plans, coworking spaces are cost-effective with a host of facilities mostly included in the pricing or are provided free of charge.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is needless to say, it is time to transition your business into a coworking space. If you’re convinced and find coworking as exciting as we do, connect with us today. Visit or call us on +91-22-4077 9100/+91-22-4050 9200

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