Advantages of having a team office in a metro city.

The trend of switching from rural locales to semi-urban towns and from semi-urban towns to densely populated yet thriving urban locations is witnessing an upward shift – METRO. Be it small or medium-sized businesses or families, the charm of a working or living in a metro city is gripping them all.

There are numerous factors that determine the shift, viz – medical, malls, retail shops, transportation, infrastructure, entertainment, professional assistance, etc. With the rising economic development and individual needs, the factors majorly influence families; however, businesses gain the most.

Let’s take the example of Mumbai. Similar to New York City, Mumbai too, has earned the tag of ‘the city that never sleeps’. The lively and ever thriving city is a host to millions and millions of homes and businesses – small to big, such as stores, malls, theaters, corporate offices – medium to huge ones, are scattered across the city.

Living in a metro is fast-paced and clearly, the availability of numerous facilities attracts people in large numbers toward urban life. Ironically, owning a home or an office in a metro is still a distant dream for people living in metros. The high cost of living is the major cause of driving people to choose semi-urban towns.

In connection to existing metros – Chennai, New-Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, tier-I and tier-II cities like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, are emerging as major business locations and slowly turning into metros.

We wouldn’t enter into details of other cities and availability of space for homes, we would rather discuss the readiness of office space in Mumbai. Like we said earlier, a high cost of living affects the decision of buying a home in Mumbai. Majority of people live in low cost or rented homes, likewise, buying or renting an office in prominent areas is very expensive in Mumbai.

Businesses with fewer employees may own an office space or run from rented ones, but the situation is quite tough for large corporations. They are either forced to buy office space or operate from rented premises at steep prices.

So, what is the ideal solution for large companies willing to build a base in a metro like Mumbai? The answer is quite simple, they should opt for team office space offered by office space providers. Companies can save a lot of costs by adopting this concept. Here are few advantages of using a team office in a metro.

  • A team office is like setting up a mini office for the company.

  • Employees can privately use storage and other common facilities.

  • A team office works best for companies, defined by creative environments.

  • Design of the team office space encourages collaboration and team interaction.

  • Usually, rentals of team office include professional business center services.

  • The comfortable and open work setting can accommodate a lot of employees.

  • Team office space is ideal for temporary or long-term offices for large number of employees.

  • many medium and large businesses also appreciate the idea of team Flexibility over traditional office space and or regular non-serviced office leases.

  • Reduces cost through efficient space utilization.

  • Increases productivity through employee collaboration and teamwork.

Besides the above advantages, companies get all the benefits of a traditional office setup such as – multimedia facilities, use of conference & meeting rooms, pantry, 24/7 security, lockers, secretarial services, and more.

So, if you are business, reading this, and are eager to shift to Mumbai, do not mull over it, just call us on 022-4077-9100 or 4050-9200. We are market leaders in offering shared office spaces, coworking spaces, virtual offices across 7 major locations in India. We recently launched our 5th business center at BKC, Mumbai amidst a sprawling campus with all the services that a modern business would require.

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