Back from Depression

Depression has become a lot more common these days. Depressed people often go for therapies to restore their mental health. So, what does one do in order to make a good comeback to the office?

The colleagues

It is challenging for an employee who has suffered from this mental illness to ‘adjust’ with the whole office setting along with his colleagues.  Recovering employees are often bombarded with many questions from co-workers about their absence. And to make those meddling co-workers settle down with silly ‘oh-I-broke-my-leg’ kind of replies is not really easy.

When the colleagues know that an employee has taken a long off from work due to depression, they often are in the dilemma of saying/doing something silly to that employee. So they best feel to leave him alone, and just help him a “little bit more” to resettle with the whole environment.

But leaving him alone could create an atmosphere of discomfort around the employee. He doesn’t want to feel “left alone” or give a “why are they doing this to me, I’m such a poor guy!” look.

What about the Employers?

How will the employer know if his returning employee is not gelling smoothly back into the workplace? There could be many signs of that. With careful and really subtle observation, the employer should deal with it.  The recovering employee might seem out-of-place. He would be listless with the “I-have-to-look-for-another-job” face. Exhibiting poor performance skills, not reaching deadlines, getting easily irritated or angered could be among the signs.

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