Better than any Hotel Conference Room: DBS Advantage

The secret to success of any meeting or conference is in the arrangement for it prior to the actual conference. While it is important to ready all the important papers for the meeting, it is also important to choose a perfect venue for it .Choosing a Hotel Business Center was earlier the only way to go. But with DBS Conference Solutions, You surely need to explore your options around. DBS Conference Room facilities are a notch above any plush hotel Conference room you book because you not only save on costs but also get a better bargain deal. DBS offers many advantages over any hotel conference room including

1. We at DBS don’t have VAT and Entertainment tax, so it becomes much reasonable for them over any other hotel
2. Hotels never allow courier delivery or stationery vendors so it becomes really difficult for you to manage in certain cases where they need to get a courier delivery or for their stationery needs.
3. We provide secretarial services, business lounges, internet facilities, color Xeroxing, printing and other services which becomes difficult in a hotel set up
4. Quick booking is one very important aspect, in a hotel you have to atleast book 15 days- 30 days in advance
5. In regards to the companies going for mergers and acquisitions, it’s very important to place their staff immediately till the transit period’s over. During this period they don’t have time and resources to look for an infrastructure or set up a new office. In a hotel it becomes difficult for the above mentioned reasons moreover the impression which a business center leaves on a client is entirely different.

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