Boosting your Word-of-Mouth: Later Stages

1. Announcements.
As you network, make sure the people who might potentially hire you or refer others to you are immediately informed when you offer new products or services or if you are expanding operations. The best way to do this is through press releases and announcements. In addition to submitting these to news outlets, you can hand them out at meetings or post them online. Also consider having brochures, data sheets and catalogs for your current products and services.

2. The List.
A list of your memberships and affiliations. This can be helpful when meeting someone for the first time, to see if you have mutual acquaintances or business associates. It may also lead to an introduction to someone in one of your organizations to whom you have been hoping to be introduced.

3. Articles of You.
Writing articles, or being mentioned in them (especially), is a great way to become known as an expert in your field. People often prefer doing business with experts.

4. Client proposals or marketing letters.
Keeping this information top-of-mind will come in handy if you are at a networking event and have the opportunity to talk to a prospective client in depth. The prospect may have a specific need that is similar in scope to jobs you have already bid on. Having the ability to quickly refer to previously-completed proposals may give you an edge with the prospect.

5. Reports.
News reports or trends affecting your business. Keeping up with issues and news items that are important to people can enable you to have targeted conversations with prospects. Then, ideally, you’ll be able to discuss your related products and services and turn those prospects into clients.

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