Give your Meeting Rooms that ‘Smart’ Edge

Remember King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? This is an early example of a ‘corporate meeting’ where critical decisions were made in the right place with the right ambiance. Now, more than ever, meetings need the right staging and set-up for greater productivity. Where you meet and the facilities available are of […]

7 Ways To Make Collaborative Meeting Rooms Better

If the walls of many meeting rooms could speak, it would be quite a revelation. A meeting is called but often ends up being a waste of time, useless, poorly run and unnecessary. Yet organizations continue to hold meetings in the hope that there will be a collaboration between different members of the organization with […]

Does the Meeting Room You Choose Reflect the Best Image for your Company?

Despite all the interaction that happens on-line, there are times when you need to meet your clients or business associates face-to-face. For that crucial meeting, it is important to choose the right meeting room, one that suits your specific needs. And, importantly, it reflects the right image for your company. Here are some points to consider […]

Convert Meetings into Deals with an Impressive Office

Creating and leaving a best first impression is one of the most dreaded tasks in personal or professional lives. All it takes is just a quick glance, not lasting 3-4 seconds, for someone to judge you when you are meeting for the first time. In just 3-4 seconds, the other person develops an opinion about […]

Are Your Meetings are Productive As They Could Be?

Meetings are frequently occurring events in companies. Meetings are given such importance because they act as facilitators of better group functioning. Without meetings, the goal of the group will be lost and the performance of entire organization might suffer. However, in many organizations meetings are not fulfilling their expected function and are instead acting as […]

How to be a successful freelancer?

As a freelancer, you can view the world as a series of opportunities. On the plus side is a lot of freedom to plan your day but it also requires discipline. You are your own boss and you need to be good at making the right rules to succeed. The first thing you need to […]

Power Breakfast: The New Business Lunch

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is it for business as well? Many business people would agree. Power breakfasts – or business breakfasts – are catching on. They are seen as a great way to interact with a broad range of people including entrepreneurs, executives, corporate leaders. Starting the […]

How conference rooms can play multiple roles

Most companies need a conference or meeting room. The question is, should a conference room be only for conferences? That would be limiting its usage, which is why we often see conference rooms being left empty for a long time, taking up precious space. But a conference room can play multiple roles. DBS business centers […]


There are some organizations that put employee training and development on the back burner. They do not see an immediate benefit and view investing in their employees as more optional than essential. They do not see the expense as worth their while. They would be making a costly mistake. Investing in your employees will actually […]


Many offices utilize precious office space for meeting and conference rooms only to discover that they don’t require them as much as they thought. Like guest rooms in a home, they are under-utilized but still need to be maintained and cared for. If you identify with this scenario, you may need to make a hard decision: rent […]