Check the Emotions!

  • Recognise that emotions do not get ‘in the way’ of performance, morale and success…they are what underpins it. The absence of ‘emotion’ is actually the presence of positive feelings. Observe the emotions present at your next team meeting, are they more/less positive than the last one?
  • If you lead a team it is your responsibility to handle emotions that impact others in the team, a light but assertive approach on a one-to-one basis can work well. Is there a conversation to be had in your workplace?
  • Likewise, be literate and aware about your own emotions.  Nothing kills positivity like the boss walking in the office in a bad mood. It is pretty difficult to be more motivated than the leader. How motivating will you be this week?
  • Intangible morale and motivation levels have a tangible impact on performance in the workplace.
  • How does gender or age make a difference to how emotions are experienced and transacted in the workplace? What are your observations?

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