Collaborative Spaces – The Future of Working Space

Synergy among employees is an absolute must for a business to survive, sustain, and succeed. Easy for small teams, but complex and tricky for businesses with various departments, many employees coming from different backgrounds and qualifications.

The size of employees or departments hardly matters when corporations are determined to succeed. However, progress stalls if collaboration between the teams is fragile or is deviating from the common goal.

The business world has witnessed remarkable examples of corporations having an outstanding collaborative workforce at the national and international level. All of this sounds good for teamwork or cooperation among employees of any business, but imagine the success of numerous individual businesses if ‘collaboration’ is applied among each other.

You read it right! Yes, collaboration among different businesses. Not at all new, but the concept of a collaborative workspace or shared office space is the buzzword among freelancers, small, medium, and micro enterprises, and start-ups. The collaborative workspace environment is gradually becoming a global movement. Let’s know the benefits of collaborative spaces and why it is termed as the future of work.

• An environment toward success – Businesses – individuals, small or large, have realized the potential of their employees lies in positive, healthy, hygienic workplace conditions that support creativity leading to positive results.

• Connecting environment – Collaborative spaces help in connecting with like-minded people from the same or different industry which offers an excellent opportunity to learn and exchange ideas propels business growth and overall satisfaction of employees, freelancers, and business owners.

• Learning – Beside a pleasant environment, working in collaborative spaces results in expanding professional expertise and enhance personal interests or maybe exploring a personal passion or discovering new interests and learn them.

Reinvention – In the constantly changing business world, businesses need to reinvent themselves to sustain competition and stay ahead. Traditional office set-up usually lacks unbiased feedback on products or services which makes reinventing difficult. Whereas in collaborative space, enterprises get honest feedback or suggestions from fellow members that help eliminate lacuna’s and work toward bettering the business.

Collaborative spaces setups are growing popular, small & medium businesses, freelancers and start-ups are appreciating the versatile facilities and convenience of such spaces offer whilst realizing their cost-effectiveness and benefits for their business. Visit DBS India for more information.

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