Conquering the Fear of Selling: Sketching a Game Plan

You read how the basic are to be covered when it comes to conquering the fear of selling… which, apparently, many entrepreneurs face.

Overcome objections. Try to analyze why the sales have been below par and why have the buyers been so reluctant — find a solution for it. More efforts should be taken so as to retrain them and to find a remedy why the sales have declined.

Our tips

Sketch a game plan. Be a master of your plan! Be more analytical which will allow you to complete your plans. Always try to make a blue print of what, how, when to be applied in the market activities which give a clear image of what needs to be done in the long process.

Optimize your marketing. Is the website being ranked at the top searches on Google? If that fails, improve your ranking with the assistance of webmaster or search engine optimization. Make sure there’s a clear way for people to subscribe as in the form of newsletters, blog or contact the company when it arrives.

Maximize your social-media. Always be active and stay connected with profiles on social-media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and track whether they are getting keywords which are useful for them if not try… to work on it.

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