Coworking is a Blessing in Disguise!

According to Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde – “What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”.

While Wilde’s words relate to individual lives but they aren’t far from professional living too. In the past decade or so, businesses and or freelancers have shifted focus from buying or renting out office space to coworking space.

After initial hurdles, today the concept of coworking is gaining pace. It all began with coffee shop client meetings or official gatherings but coffee shops soon began charging for occupying the cafe beyond a certain amount of time. This, in turn, resulted in businesses spending over an above their budget. At this stage, hiring a coworking space was a feasible option for freelancers, startups, new businesses, and few established ones.

With the availability of coworking spaces, entrepreneurs have been able to increase their productivity and save on overheads such as rent and office maintenance. For many companies and new-age business owners, coworking has turned out into a blessing in disguise.

How? Read on…

A coworking space isn’t only about hiring a space for regular business functioning but it is about collaborating and networking.

Freelancers or young entrepreneurs, hunting for a professional workplace for new ventures without spending beyond budget should think of coworking space because they stand to gain from collaborating and networking with like-minded people which is advantageous for their businesses.

Listed are few advantages of coworking space…

  • Costs less – Coworking space offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the cost of setting up an actual office.

  • Productive – The environment within coworking space increases productivity. Coworking space allows entrepreneurs to focus on their projects and lead their business toward success.

  • Networking – Working from home or a coffee shop limits the potential of connecting with other businesspeople. Coworking space helps entrepreneurs to connect with people from different backgrounds and industries.

  • Flexible – A full-fledged office space comes with baggage i.e. signing a fixed-term lease, installing infrastructure, and paying utility bills. Coworking space takes care of all of that and allows the company or individual to rent the space for a flexible duration.

  • Better work-life balance – Coworking spaces promote work-life balance by providing options to de-stress and recharge. Apart from social events, coworking spaces conduct health and wellness activities at regular intervals for its members.

Coworking spaces in Mumbai are designed to be dynamic and they offer functionality and flexibility than most traditional business offices. So, the above advantages prove that coworking is a blessing in disguise.

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