Credibility can be Your Ace with a Well-Chosen Office Space

If you are a startup or a newcomer in the business world, you might face a major challenge: how to prove your credibility and be seen as a serious player?

The place you work from plays a major role here. If you work from home—or a coffee house—you risk being seen as not very professional. The informal, ‘homey’ image is not very advantageous specially when you are starting out. Of course, those who are established and have a ‘name’ in their field, do not have this problem. But for newcomers, establishing their credibility can be a difficult challenge.

It can be a classic chicken-and-egg situation. You can’t establish your credibility unless you are already in business, and you can’t get your foot into business without the requisite credibility.

Opting for a good business centre from which to work could prove to be a smart move. Business centres in Mumbai that are well-established can be a godsend to newcomers. Their roster of clients will help add to the credibility of the newcomer through association. It will make it easier for him or her to establish their credentials.

A startup who opted for shared office space in Mumbai says: “I was unknown—an X-factor—in business. But by joining an established business centre in Mumbai, I was seen as a credible entity. I improved my reliability factor and had more success with my business venture.”

Agrees another new business entrant: “I took shared office space in Andheri. It proved to be a wise decision.

My name was among a list of trusted clients. From this point on, I was seen as more reliable and trustworthy. It became less of a problem to present my case, and I actually won the project over my competitors.”

The office space you choose could well be the ace you can play to improve your credibility in business.

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