DBS Business Center: Taking Team Offices To Next Level

An office space that boosts productivity among team members can be considered on the route of proper and well-defined progress. It is an undeniable fact – a planned, tastefully-designed, and a well-maintained office premise promotes efficiency, teamwork, increases chances of a company’s growth.

No matter whether businesses operate through traditional office space or the new age enterprises or startups who choose to operate from shared or virtual office space, necessarily have to adopt the measures that encourage teamwork. Ill-designed workspaces are likely to decrease productivity, creativity, and overall performance of the employees.

The evergreen concept of offices with cabins and cubicles gradually moved over to open office spaces. Not connected with coworking or shared space. Cabin-Cubicle format limits interaction, engagement, and team building, while an open and wide office setting improves visibility, ease communication among staff members while sitting at their desk or they could just walk over to connect. The benefit of open office – they are cheap. No walls, no cabins or cubicles to reduce office space.

Although cost-effective, open office set-up has earned the reputation of destroying the workplace. A majority of employees hate it because the style lacks privacy and is prone to distraction. Plus, open workspace robs the chances of marking some space – personal.

Thus, traditional office or open office space isn’t the right arrangement for new business units having a small or medium sized team; looking for better teamwork, communication, and smooth functioning.

So what is the solution?

A Team Office.

In the office real-estate industry, Team Office is being considered as the right and trending solution for new businesses or startups.

Mumbai based, DBS Business Centers, the pioneers in shared office space management offer a range of office space services that includes Team Office. The company provides professional and personalized attention to meet specific requirements. With DBS Business Centers‘ Team Office, businesses get the advantage of utilizing facilities such as setting up a small office, storage, conference or meeting rooms, multimedia facilities, pantry services, lockers, 24/7 security, and other common facilities.

In the traditional office system, the above-mentioned services are usually not included, they may come at a price if they are available. But businesses registering for Team Office with DBS Business Center gets it at negligible charges.

What’s more beneficial is, team members get full privacy compared to traditional or open office, plus, based on requirement the office space can be customized to meet current and future needs.

With business centers present in Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and  Bengaluru, DBS Business Centers with their expertise in office space management is taking the concept of Team Offices to the next level.

Are you a new business or a growing start-up, reach out to your nearest DBS Business Center. Wish to call them? Call 022-4077 9100 now or visit www.dbsindia.com

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