DBS – The Image Maker

If you are a business owner, i would recommend you always remember wherever you go and whatever you do is a business promotion opportunity and you need to be careful about how you present yourself as it plays a large part in creating your businesses image.

In the business world you are always being judged a, you want to ensure that everyone who meets you forms a positive first impression. Creating a good first impression is especially crucial if you provide a service; every face-to-face contact you make reflects upon your service and affects your business image.

Always be Pleasant, Attractive, and Knowledgeable (PAK), it will help you create and maintain the kind of business image that creates a positive impression, gets good word-of-mouth, and builds credibility. No matter where you are and what you’re doing. People enjoy meeting pleasant, attractive, knowledgeable people. By doing this you’ll present the kind of business image that draws new business.

It pays to pay attention to your business image; With the DBS network of professional offices you have all the advantages and resources of a personal office – and none of the hassles.

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