Does the Meeting Room You Choose Reflect the Best Image for your Company?

Despite all the interaction that happens on-line, there are times when you need to meet your clients or business associates face-to-face. For that crucial meeting, it is important to choose the right meeting room, one that suits your specific needs. And, importantly, it reflects the right image for your company.

Here are some points to consider when you make that choice:


Where is the meeting room located? The address should be impressive and in the heart of the business district. It should be easily accessible and there should be ample parking space available. It’s best to check out the location yourself – preferably when you are not expected. That way you can make a realistic assessment of its accessibility and the actual parking facilities.


You need to set aside a clear budget for renting the meeting room –whether it’s for a one-off meeting or a continuing requirement. Put down estimates against various headings and also determine if outside suppliers are allowed or whether you have to use and pay for the in-house facilities of the business center in which the meeting room is located. It’s a good idea to be always prepared for some hidden costs — these are bound to crop up especially as the day of the meeting draws closer.


The size of the meeting room matters. How many people are likely to attend? Choose a room that’s appropriate for the number of attendees: it should not be too large or too small. Conference and rooms in Delhi, for example, offer a variety of rooms with different capacities.

Facilities and services

Keep a checklist of the facilities and services you would need and see how the room measures up. Wi-fi internet access. Would a back-up technical team be available for the duration of the meeting?

  • Large-screen TV projector

  • Whiteboard

  • Climate control — can the temperature be set as required

  • Photocopying and other administrative services

  • Extra laptops/PCs, if required

  • Catering service

  • A professional team taking care of all requirements

  • Rehearsal time before the meeting

Look for serviced offices that offer a wide range of facilities. Serviced offices in Delhi provide customized services to clients’ specific requirements.

Response time:

A good way to judge whether you have chosen the right meeting venue is their response time to all your queries. Having someone at the other end who responds quickly to specific requests would be a great asset. It’s best to have someone you know by name with whom you can be in contact. Meeting rooms in Delhi are serviced by professional teams who can make a big difference to the success of your meeting.

Image projection:

A very important consideration is whether the venue you choose for your business meeting complements the image and professionalism of your company and whether it is in synch with your agenda.

Careful planning and attention to detail are key. When the time for that all-important meeting comes along you should be well prepared for all exigencies. This will help ensure the success of the meeting and create the right impression for your company.

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