Flexibility – The Need of The Hour for Businesses

The only thing predictable about today’s business scenario is its unpredictability. It is difficult to tell for certain what will happen in the next few weeks or months, let alone make a prediction for the next year or years. Given the uncertain business climate, organisations, both small and big, are faced with the all-important question: how to choose the right office space for their needs.

Flexibility is the name of the game. Business centers in prime locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai are offering flexible office solutions to a wide and varied canvas of clients. They have serviced offices designed to meet a variety of work arrangements. These have become popular especially with start-ups and freelancers who want short leasing terms (no long term leases that tie you down). They get a complete furnished office with a registered business address (an enviable facility) at a price they can afford.  The entire infrastructure is in place. Maintenance, cleaning, staffing and upkeep are all taken care of. This adds up to a hassle-free environment in which you can concentrate on making your business grow. A start-up in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, finds it’s “just liberating” to walk into a ready-to-use  office space and not have to worry about all those time-consuming matters involved with running an office on your own.
Adds an entrepreneur from Andheri, the business hub in suburban Mumbai, “A furnished office that’s fully equipped –what more could one want? Besides, the atmosphere is charged with so many like-minded people around. It’s no wonder I got some of my best ideas at the serviced office I took.”

For small and medium enterprises too serviced offices have emerged as a solution to a vexing problem.  Should they expand or contract? The economy may be on the rise one day and show signs of plunging the next. Serviced offices are designed for scalability. It’s easier for an enterprise to move from a small office to a larger one to accommodate more people—and, if necessary, get a more streamlined office space if business calls for a reduction in staff. It can all be done in the same business center so there are no extra costs, not to mention the hassles of re-locating. The great thing is that your office space adjusts to your requirements.

The design of a serviced office incorporates an entire spectrum of needs, so clients do not need to go elsewhere for their requirements.  For instance, reputed business centers offer conference and meeting rooms of different capacities. They are well-furnished and make a statement about the start-up or small business using them, adding to their prestige and credibility. The technology is up to-the-minute and there’s an experienced team at hand to make sure the meeting goes off without a hitch. The professional image created rubs off on the organisation leasing these meeting rooms, who could hardly have been able to afford these facilities on their own.

Flexible work spaces are the ideal solution for today’s business needs. You pay only for the space and services you need at a particular time. You can withdraw your lease or extend it, as required. Your capital is not tied up. No wonder so many organisations today are opting for serviced offices. “A serviced office attuned to your needs makes all the difference – especially to the bottom line,” says one delighted user. 

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