Give your Meeting Rooms that ‘Smart’ Edge

Remember King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? This is an early example of a ‘corporate meeting’ where critical decisions were made in the right place with the right ambiance.

Now, more than ever, meetings need the right staging and set-up for greater productivity. Where you

meet and the facilities available are of crucial importance to the outcome of the meeting.

So, what makes for a ‘smart’ meeting room which will facilitate an efficient and productive meeting?

Here are some pointers:

Practical and trendy furniture: Nothing transforms a meeting room into a more creative and inviting space than its furniture, chosen for functionality as well as aesthetics. Get stylish, modern tables and chairs with a minimum of fussy accessories. Be ruthless about removing pictures, prints, and posters that don’t add to the ambiance. Less is more. Meeting rooms in Delhi are a good example of this maxim.

Plenty of space for writing: Meeting rooms are also thought pads. People focus on the matter in hand by writing, so this should not be thwarted for lack of space or equipment. Writing, especially collaborative writing, should be facilitated. Here, technology comes to one’s aid –and it’s worth the investment. You can opt for whiteboards, marker-friendly glass panels or even digital smart boards. And do make sure there’s a supply of notepads (for those who think best with pen and paper), markers and pens. Conference rooms in Delhi are well-equipped for productive meetings.

The right lighting: You’ll be surprised at the difference a well-lit space makes. Go in for softer lights. Choose smart ceiling lights. Make sure the room is not too dark or too bright. It makes sense to install dimmer switches. And do make the most of natural lighting. Try to site your meeting room by a window. It could lead to ‘fresh thinking’ in more ways than one.

Communication connectivity: Meetings are for communicating so what could be more important than making sure there’s no hiccup as far as connectivity goes? Today, there are meetings with those in the room as well as with those calling in from different locations –and that includes not just employees but also clients. To ensure absolute certainty that all will go as planned, invest in high-quality telecom services for screen sharing as well as note-taking. Meeting rooms in Chennai, for instance, make this a priority.

An imaginatively-designed meeting room with stylish, modern furniture, that is well-lit, well-equipped and has the best technological features, will set the stage for productive meetings. An added bonus is the impression your meeting room makes on your clients. It adds to your image and professionalism, and the expense and trouble involved make good business sense in the long run.

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