Give Your Workspace a Makeover

You spend most of your working day at your workspace and it’s the same old scenario day after day.The same walls, the same shelves. And the same old piles of paper that just keep mounting up. It’s depressing and hardly conducive to productivity.

So, it makes sense to refresh your workspace. Give it a makeover. You need a budget but it need not be very high. There are several ways in which you can give your workspace a fresh new look without a huge price tag.

The first thing to do – which doesn’t cost anything but involves serious commitment – is declutter. Old newspapers and magazines, out. If you haven’t read them as yet, chances are you still won’t have the time to get to them. If there’s a particular item you need to save, it’s better to cut it out and keep it in a ‘to read’ folder than keep the whole newspaper or magazine. Read items from this folder whenever you have small amounts of time or when you want to take a break from the project you are working on. When this folder gets too bulky, it’s time to clear it out. File those letters and documents lying on your desk. Go digital with papers and documents as much as possible. It’s well worth the time and effort. The aim should be a clean, clear workspace to come to every morning.

Put up a visual pinboard. Instead of just post-its with things to do, put up some interesting pictures and inspiring quotes. A corkboard is ideal for this. Make sure you change the items on the pinboard frequently.


Plants can change the look of any workspace. Get some low-maintenance indoor plants and see how much brighter and happier they make you feel. Fresh flowers on your desk will make you feel special and motivate you to get down to work in a positive upbeat way.

Rearrange the furniture around you and try to create different hubs for different types of work or just to ring the changes. You could have a hub for brainstorms or to get the creative juices flowing. You could have a separate hub for doing concentrated work, another for collaborative work. You should also have a comfortable place for just relaxing before getting back to work.

Personalising your workspace can make a world of difference. Put up photographs, postcards, souvenirs from places you visited, a quote you specially like, a recipe that you’ve tried and others can share. It’s also a good idea to have a blank sheet near your desk to encourage people to write a comment, a joke or scribble a sketch. This should be changed frequently. If you like to feel hospitable, have a jar of cookies on your desk that people can help themselves to while passing by. It’s a great way to make friends as well.

Lights can completely transform your workspace. So do go in for a good overhead lighting system and stylish lamps. See how much better you feel in a well-lit and inviting room. Colours are great mood enhancers as well. While you may have to conform to a uniform colour scheme across the office, you can always add accents of colours in your particular workspace. Walls and shelves should be freshly painted. That always seems to be like a breath of fresh air and helps people feel renewed and invigorated.

With a little imagination, you can change the look and feel of your workspace. You’ll find it helps boost creativity and infuses enthusiasm and excitement. This is one makeover that pays dividends.

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