Go for Instant Offices !!

During the last decade India clearly has become a prime investment destination for global businesses. The rapidly growth of the economy has also fuelled a spate of new businesses and expansions domestically. This in turn has fired a huge demand for more office space, causing rents and real estate prices at commercial hubs to skyrocket even further.

Go for instant Offices

Serviced office space is a ready to move in office space where you just move in with your laptop . It does not matter if the company stays for three years or just three hours company officials just need to walk in, sign an agreement and do their business.

Companies can even hire space for a day to carry out brainstorming sessions, conduct interviews etc. This leads to significant savings in terms of overheads and capital expenditure.

All meeting rooms and administration services run on a pay for what you use, only basis. Elegant boardrooms, executive offices and a full range of professional and technical support staff, customized to meet the needs of every business contribute to clients gaining a competitive advantage and developing a global corporate image.

We at DBS have multiple kind of Instant offices available based on your needs. Take a sneak peak

Individual Office

Service and style to complement the singular person you are.

Dual Office

Designed to meet your combined and individual needs

Team Office

Ingeniously designed to expand with needs. Each person has his or her own space yet can work with the rest of the group efficiently and productively.

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