How Coworking Spaces Are Beating Coffee Shops For Work

Times are changing. Coffee shops once considered an ideal place to talk business or crack deals or even conducting business events is gradually shifting from business-cum-fun hang out to just hang outs.

A coffee shop can be a great place to talk business with a client or get some work done, but the question that arises today is – Does it help working in a Cafe? The answer depends on what kind of work one is trying to get done and what kind of environment is suitably available.

With the advent of coworking spaces, people who frequented to cafes for work have dwindled. The probable reason for less work related visits can be attributed to following factors:

  • Noisy surroundings

  • Other distractions

  • Limited desk space

  • Unreliable internet connection

  • Security of belongings

  • Cost of buying food and drinks

Considering the above factors, people have gradually started accepting coworking facilities over cafes because the benefits of coworking are far more than operating at cafes.

So, how are coworking spaces beating coffee shops for work?

Let’s check the major causes:

  • Work environment – It is generally easy to focus on work when other people around you are doing their work. The place is set up to be favorable to work even for long hours.

  • Designated meeting space – Coworking spaces usually have meeting rooms. These can be used to conduct one on one meetings or a group meeting.

  • Reliable infrastructure – The purpose of coworking space is to make sure people have great space to get their work done. Dedicated internet, printers, power outlets, etc make working easy.

  • Availability of food and drinks – Coworking spaces usually offer free coffee and tea to members. Plus, they also provide a fridge. This works well for those who want to pack a meal and save money on eating out.

  • Business networking – Coworking spaces often hold good for business networks. People can meet experts in their respective field, who are happy to offer feedback and help the business community to grow.

Looking at the advantages mentioned above, coworking spaces beating coffee shops for work is quite natural.

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