How to give Productive Feedback: 8 Steps – Positivity, always!

A feedback to a worker on his performance is an “observer’s insight” on how they’re progressing. But (a big but here), many people, when they hear, “Can I give you some feedback?” generates a lot of fear & anxiety that is not really apparent. And why that fear – because to them it sounds, “Can I totally tear you down?” To him it would seem as though that the person giving the feedback is somehow superior to him, which would put him on the defense.

A feedback has only one objective – Help improve and grow business. But (again, a big but), it’s extremely delicate. So here are some pointers that you should consider for producing “productive feedback”:

  1. Are you his buddy? Here’s a surprising study – People who receive feedback would apply it only 30% of the time. And when the person receiving the feedback feels uncomfortable – the feedback then can reverse the process to be unproductive.
  2. Don’t be Mean. If you’re not the person’s best pal or someone very close to him (which otherwise would’ve allowed you to say almost anything to each other, then it’s better to be a little more safe. Do not be mean-spirited. If the feedback is focused on making him feel bad in any way or make him look very silly & stupid in front of his peers, then it has definitely been unproductive.
  3. Build Confidence. What you do need to is build confidence in him especially when he’s expecting to be graded. When the person knows that he’s going to be evaluated then is the best time for the “productive feedback” – because they are expecting it!
  4. Positivity, always! It is very important that you balance the feedback spectrum – positive feedback should be given as much as you give negative. Positive feedback stimulates the reward center in the brain, leaving the person open to taking a new direction.”

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