How to Have a Running Office Without Actually Running It?

Serviced offices. What a boon for people in business! Serviced offices are fully furnished and equipped offices for rent which are designed to enhance productivity, creativity and work culture. The operative word is ‘serviced’ and that’s what makes them a smart choice for people in business –whether individuals or small, medium and even large enterprises. They are workspaces where the entire infrastructure is maintained by someone else. This includes furniture, equipment (which is always kept updated), internet connections, cleaning, maintenance, utilities, security services, staffing, etcetera (there are a lot of etceteras when it comes to running an office). Those who lease or own business premises on their own know only too well how much time, money and bother would be saved if someone took on the running of the entire office leaving you free to focus on your business.  What’s more, you save on capital outlay which is a major advantage specially if you are just starting out and have several constraints on your budget. And who wouldn’t want a modern office with a prestigious address – without having to pay the earth for it?

In addition to workspaces that are professionally managed, serviced offices offer businesses one special benefit: flexibility. Different businesses have different needs. Serviced offices in Mumbai, for instance, are customised to a client’s special requirements. There are offices for people working alone, for two people working together or for a team of three or more. Scalability is an important benefit specially in these uncertain times. You can upscale as business expands or even downscale if required. And you pay only for the space you use.

The ambience created is something that distinguishes one serviced office from another. Is it inviting and inspiring? Here style, elegance and innovative ideas play a part. Serviced offices in Hyderabad have special areas where people can get away from their desks and computers for a while and just think in a different environment. A new point of view often emerges. Another exciting feature is the availability of in-house meeting and conference rooms.  These come in different sizes and can be configured to meet different needs as with serviced offices in Kolkata. You can brainstorm informally with colleagues or have a more formal meeting with your business associates. You can hold interviews. Often the success of the meeting depends on the support you get from the centre’s team.  You’ll find that serviced offices in Mumbai are supported by an experienced team of professionals who takes care of all the details, so meetings can happen without a glitch. They have the experience to anticipate problems and can also deal with last-minute requirements.

An over-riding benefit of serviced offices is the flexibility of payment they offer. There are generally no long term contracts that tie you down and no large security deposits required that eat into an already slender budget. Contracts can be for a short term –even for as little as a month. Serviced offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad offer client’s flexible contractual deals, making them more affordable.

A ready-to-use office with all the facilities you want, a place that inspires you to do your most creative and productive work—a serviced office is just the place to get your business going and growing.


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