How to Kill the Fears When Starting a Business: Part I

There are those mental traps that might hold you back when you’re on the verge of starting a business, right? Here are a few of the false assumptions that are fueled by fear, along with tips to beat that!

A survey in America says that nearly two-thirds of American adults have thought about starting their own business, but only about a third of Americans have actually taken the plunge. Why? Irrational fears are one of the main reasons that hold them back.

And that too it’s America – the land of opportunities!

Well, the irony here is that those who plunge in to conquer these mental traps, often don’t look back. The fact is that — Fear is short-lived and it is very soon replaced by the willingness to do well. Of being successful.

“The Right business means success.” False. This is takes the basic myth for granted – that the winning method of a business is more inside the business products and systems and less of the entrepreneurs skills. This leads to endless fuss over the flaws in many business opportunities that turn up.

TIP – “It is not the business that makes one successful. But it is the entrepreneur who makes the business successful.” This is what all to-be-entrepreneurs need to realize.

“Self-employment is unpredictable.” There possibly could be no one who wouldn’t want stability and security in his job, but entrepreneurs always accept the fact that the line could be rough in the beginning… that things will all be fine very soon.

A working class hero is like someone who would be sitting plumb on his sofa and watching a match – and would be wondering all the while – how does it feel to be in the match itself. But it is the risk taker, the entrepreneur, who takes to the field and plays the entire match.

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