How to Make Your Office Space More Productive

How to make your office space more productive

You spend most of your working day in the office. Is your office space inviting or just somewhere to work because you have to? Wherever you work –in an office or at home—it makes sense to style your office so it helps you get more done, more efficiently as well as more enjoyable.

This takes thought and planning and you’ll be surprised to find it’s not just a matter of a bigger budget—though that, of course, helps. Here are some things you can do right away to
turn that office space into a hub of productivity.

Good lighting

If you want to literally be ‘switched on’ work-wise, make sure you have good lighting. It not only lessens the strain on your eyes but also helps create a more cheerful ambiance. If you work long hours –as many of us tend to do—don’t neglect this aspect of your workspace. In addition to general lighting in the room, it makes sense to have separate table lighting that focuses on your computer screen and work area.

Desk with a view

You are lucky if you have a desk near a window which allows you to look at the view outside. Contrary to what some people might think, this is not really a distraction but actually helps the thought process. If you don’t have the advantage of a natural view, why not find something interesting to look at indoors such as a painting or fresh flowers? The break you take from the computer will help you come back to your task refreshed and often with a fresh point of view. Office spaces in Navi Mumbai are good examples of this idea for better office design.

Add personal touches

For eight hours a day, every day, and often longer, this is the place you will work, where you aspire to get the best output. Personalize it. Even when you have to conform to the general color scheme and layout, you can put your individual stamp on your workspace. Put up photographs and inspiring quotes, or a souvenir you acquired on a recent holiday –which is also a good conversation-opener. Shared office spaces in Delhi show how you can be in a large common area yet have a working space that’s uniquely yours.

Choose the best layout

Ideally, your office should have a mix of quiet places for focused work and open plan desks where you can get on with routine work. Having other people around you can be stimulating and can help you get new ideas. Many Business centers in Delhi have been designed with this idea in mind. Make sure there are also ‘breakout’ spaces where people can literally take a break from work before getting back to the desk full-swing.

A little time and imagination can help make your workspace more inviting, resulting in greater productivity.

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