How To Make Your Serviced Office The One That Stands Out

Serviced offices — or fully managed, furnished, and equipped workspaces on rent — are springing up everywhere. How can you make yours that stand out among the rest?

The answer includes tangible and intangible aspects, both important in creating differentiation. Since first impressions count, it pays to make your serviced office look inviting. Serviced offices in Kolkata have made this a priority. The appeal is to both the functional and the aesthetic. They are marked by their modern, stylish, and elegant decor as well as by some well-thought-out artistic touches. A prospect wanting to rent a serviced office makes a mental note of all the details –and these can often influence the decision on which serviced office to choose.

Product knowledge cannot be over-stressed. The entire team in the serviced office needs to be thoroughly trained to present their premises in the best light. Serviced offices in Hyderabad invest in staff training and orientation. The features of the office are turned into benefits. After determining the client’s needs, the receptionist or other person interacting with the prospective client presents the space available not just in terms of square feet of space but how it can serve specific needs. Currently, the need may be for a person working alone or for two people working together. The team shows how the space is adaptable for a larger team as the business grows.

The more questions you ask of a prospect, the closer you come to finding the specific solution he or she may be looking for. Serviced offices in Chennai find that this is the key to presenting their most important benefit: flexibility. This may be top of mind in these uncertain times. By engaging the prospect in a conversation about his or her business the team can then hone in on some attractive options. It’s all a matter of not just selling space but finding solutions.

The serviced office must invest in cutting-edge technology, the latest equipment, and 24×7 connectivity. Serviced offices, fully furnished, and coworking space in Kolkata encourage the prospect to actually use the equipment and introduce the backup technical team that would be accessible whenever needed. Conference and meeting rooms also evoke an interest. The team shows the prospect the different meeting and conference rooms available, their professional look, their capacities, and how they can be transformed for different purposes – for example, how the same space can be used for workshops and seminars as well as for interviews and product demonstrations. Seeing is believing.

For serviced offices in Hyderabad, the personal touch is most important. A friendly smile goes a long way in putting prospects at ease. The team shows how the common areas in the business center enhance the ambiance, generate networking opportunities, and are conducive to creativity.

Stressing the cost-benefit factor, serviced offices in Kolkata show how getting a serviced office makes business sense. Calculations are made for individual cases to show how much money can be saved by opting for a serviced office instead of buying or renting premises and running them on one’s own not to mention all the precious time that would be better spent on growing the business.

The challenge is to turn “So what?” into “Wow”. Serviced offices in Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai do this with personalized attention and by offering customized solutions to every prospect’s needs. Even when serviced offices offer similar facilities, the tipping point is the one-on-one dialogue that happens with the team and makes the prospect excited about signing up with them.

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