How to run Effective Meetings?

How to run meetings that are effective? We have had a lot of the so called ‘brainstorming’ session — this term is so often used, don’t know why?!

It’s a journey!

The first thing to realize is that a meeting – creative thinking – is a journey and not a destination. If we are in the meeting coming up with ideas – we have to remove any fear out of our mind – because the pressure of hatching the perfect idea kills creativity.

Bake the cake!

Let’s put it this way – a creative meeting is like making of a cake: each participant in the meeting adds raw ingredients, may be by asking questions, to the ‘whole mix’.

Very rarely does it happen that one single idea is carried forward without any sauce/masala added to it! So every time you come up with an idea (raw ingredient) – it will be bashed, mashed and stirred to better it!

Do not…

That masala is an idea by someone else. But if a lot of salt is sprinkled, criticism, then that idea will turn out to be terrible! So the most important thing you have to make sure is that there should not be, no matter what, criticism.

No criticism would mean more raw ingredients! More raw ingredients would mean more recipes!

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