Indian Startups are Loving Shared Office

The love for starting-up a something new, something different than the mass has triggered confidence among new age entrepreneurs and so has their love for sharing a vision, ideas, and tips on business improvement, all these through a shared office space. India is witnessing tremendous growth in the start-up arena, the best part, the ideation behind every start-up is – innovation and are designed for the masses. Most companies are launched keeping in mind the betterment of Indians through convenient mobile apps, civil services, quick access to information, and job creation. Usually, the term business is equivalent to good plush office, owned or rented. However, owning or renting office space involves huge investment, at times the investment eats away a major chunk of capital. Today, with the rising trend of start-up the age-old trend of owning a grand office flushed with basic and extra amenities is waning.

New businessmen are cost-conscious and believe in minimizing overheads as far as possible and office space is one of them. Saying “Indian start-ups are loving shared space” won’t be an exaggeration. So what it is that makes them love shared office space? The first and foremost reason – the concept of shared office space is based on the premise of operating a business and develop a business alliance at affordable rates. In addition, the concept is also helping the community of startups to explore new opportunities. Shared office space has found an enormous amount of traction in generating business opportunities for small businesses, start-ups, and for multi-national companies too. Here are a couple of key elements proving the love of start-ups for a shared office.

Affordable: Regardless of the size of the business, shared office space is less expensive than a rented office. Highly
beneficial for start-ups with a team of 3-4 employees wanting to visit the office just 2-3 days per week. The monthly bill includes services such as furniture, lighting, internet, parking, etc. Companies need not pay extra for basic amenities.

Community Building: New entrepreneurs can benefit by connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs and support fellow businessmen whenever required. This collaboration builds a friendly environment and builds a community. This increases the chances of business growth and knowing people from other industries.

Flexibility: Lucrative advantage. Shared office spaces are offered on a month-to-month basis. No need to sign a long-term lease. This gives start-ups the freedom to occupy the space for as long as they wish and vacate without any legal hassles. Businesses can hire additional space in case of expansion. In the past 2-3 years, shared office space has proved as an absolutely inspirational workspace for them. Shared office space makes it possible to share rich and valuable experience and skills with fellow entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, Indian start-ups are loving shared office space and the industry is growing and witnessing positive growth in India and it will continue in the coming years.

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