Instant Office: Ready to use. Just move in

To setup a new office you need to Choose a location, Search for available office properties in that location, View available properties that have sufficient space for your business, Buy office supplies and furniture, Set up all utilities and Internet access for your office and hundred more things and after all this theirs never ending maintenance issues of the office space and other utilities inside. You can either lose your money and time that could have been utilized for other business activities, or choose to do it the right way by selecting Instant/Virtual Office Services offered by DBS Office business centers.


DBS Instant offices are elegant, fully-furnished, equipped and staffed office tailor-made for your needs. Positioned in the heart of the city, DBS offers you a choice of elegant offices and suites.You can chose an Individual Office – Service and style to complement the singular person you are, Dual Office – Designed to meet your combined and individual needs or even a Team Office – Ingeniously designed to expand with needs. Each person has his or her own space yet can work with the rest of the group efficiently and productively.


DBS   virtual offices are ideal for people who do not require a private office but need a prestigious office address and office facilities. It’s like having an office without actually paying for one. You can use the DBS address on your calling card and business communication, receive messages, and meet clients in an elegant business environment. What’s more you pay only for the services you use.


These Offices are designed to meet your exact in the most cost effective way, so get right down to business with DBS Offices.

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