International Customer’s week celebrations at DBS

DBS Offices celebrated “International Customers Week” between 4th to 8th October with its clients. It was an amazing week for people at DBS!!

DBS has always set high standards for its customers; and is also the pioneers in the Credit Card & Serviced Office industry in India. At DBS we strive to deliver quality service all through the year, however, it was a lot  more special between 4th to 8th October when we celebrated the “International Customers Week” with & for our clients.

During the International Customers Week, We took the opportunity to

  • Specially reach out to each of our full time office members and their staff & personally convey to them how valuable they have been to our success.
  • Many surprises were presented to them on each of these five days. It was our way of saying “Thank You”.
  • The week ended by reaffirming our commitment to our clients & reaching out to each one of them for their valuable suggestions and feedback.

We have continued with this tradition for past many years & is warmly appreciated by our clients. This year has been special. We have in our own small way conveyed to our clients the message to “Go Green”. All gifts and articles used during this week’s programmed have been produced through “Clean Energy”.

DBS has always valued the “Customer” as an integral part of its business and do realize that customer is always special.

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