International Women’s Day – The DBS Way

DBS wishes everyone Happy International Women’s Day 8th March 2011. While this day is always special for us, we have not restricted it to just One Day of the year. Our belief and conviction has always been in equality in all walks of life. In our own small way we have always followed this principle within our organization.

She’s the Inspiration!

And the inspiration comes from Mrs. Perveez Aggarwal, MD – DBS Group, who has, since the beginning, believed that every woman must be financially independent, and in her own small way has championed this cause directly within DBS and through various social groups over the past four decades. Her daughter Mrs. Vanita Bhandari, also a Director, DBS, follows in her footsteps. Both are active members of Indian Merchant Chambers – Ladies Wing.

DBS is the prime example!

At DBS, we lead by example. Four out of the seven DBS Business Centers are run by our Lady Managers — and over 50% of the staff in DBS is women. There was a time, not too long ago, where all our DBS Managers were women. It’s refreshing to see that many organizations have moved away from the gender divide. Better education and the belief that the girl child is no less important.

From the President to the Speaker of the House, the change and trend is visible in all walks of our life. We will continue to bridge this divide in our own way.

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