Is Your Business Kinetic?

kinetic-motionKinetic: relating to or resulting from motion.

A question most businesses need to ask themselves today is: how ‘kinetic’ is my business? The key word in the dictionary definition of ‘kinetic’ is ‘motion”. Is your business moving, adapting, constantly changing, to meet the needs of the times? Or is, as is often the case even with so-called modern businesses, is it in a time-warp? Is it hampered by traditional, inflexible working practices, bogged down by hierarchies, systems and methods that are out of date? The danger is not just these archaic business practices but that someone more agile and nimble can overtake you without your even realizing what’s happening.

To be ‘kinetic’, a business needs a change of attitude. However good the practice was in the past, you have to move on. This calls for a flexible approach that applies to everything you do. Today, the business world itself has changed. People work on-line from home or wherever they happen to be (in a plane, car or restaurant or even in a park). They can talk to anyone around the world and have a meeting without everyone being around the table. Weekends and holidays are not sacrosanct and excluded from business meetings. You can take your laptop wherever you go – one click and you are in business.

The question is, can the organization change without pain? Can you adapt to a new working system that will move the business forward faster than before? ‘Kinetic’ organizations are realizing the benefits of giving up the old and not looking back.

What does this involve? Most of all, open-mindedness. And that starts from the top. Being on first-name basis helps. Everyone’s working with the same objective (growing the business) and those who show results need to be recognized, no matter how far down the ladder they may be. Results count. Off with the blinkers. And do away with the corner office, too, if it helps the bottomline.

Adopting a ‘kinetic’ model helps considerably when you are choosing office space. Should you restrict it to the size of your business or choose a flexible office space – that can adapt to your changing needs? DBS, pioneers of serviced office spaces in India, offer offices solutions that are truly flexible. Having studied the needs of a wide and varied canvas of clients, they have designed offices that can be upscaled or adjusted without disruption of work. You can go from an office for a person working alone to a dual office for two people working together and then to a team office for three or more people…ten, fifteen …as necessary. The space can be configured to add more desks and storage space and yet give everyone in the team a space of their own.

Over the years, many clients have seen their business grow at a DBS business center. DBS has quickly adapted to their needs. What’s more, DBS has a way of creating the right environment in which organizations can feel inspired, innovate and adopt winning ideas. All this is possible because there’s someone to run the office smoothly and efficiently while they focus on business. DBS is excited about the success stories generated from their many ‘kinetic’ clients.

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