Its all about the location honey!!

Office Location in the prime of the city is something that every business will aspire for simply because it offers many advantages. it includes

1. The image maker for your business
2. Access to all the amenities of the city
3. Nice impression on the client
4. You get to travel less in the snarling city traffic for the business meetings
5. You get home early in the evening !!

With DBS offices we understand that very well and our serviced offices are located at prime locations across the 6 cities of India. So that you get the best possible amenities and the best possible location in that city.
We have handpicked locations across the major cities of India. Here is a snapshot of the DBS office Centers in India

• Bangalore: Cunningham Road
• Chennai: Nugambakkam
• Hyderabad: SP Road, Secunderabad
• Kolkata: Hungerford Street
• Mumbai: 2 places at Fort and Nariman Point
• New Delhi: Connaught Place

Each of the above locations in the respective city is bound to give you a location advantage over your competitor who is based in some distant corner of the city.

All in all a win-win situation for your business because location matters!!

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