Make Capital of Shared Office Space in Delhi

When it comes to business, all roads lead to Delhi. Getting an office there may seem as difficult as climbing the Qutub Minar! So, more and more people are looking at the new option — shared office spaces. Here are some points to consider when getting a shared office space in Delhi.

Location: Is the location central, easy to find and reach? Does it have good connectivity? Is there secured parking, either within or near the office?

Facilities: Impressions matter. The office should be attractive and inviting, and with all the facilities needed especially for shared office spaces for start-ups. Hi-speed WIFI connection? Power back-up?
Access to conference and meeting rooms? Availability of tea and coffee? Not essential but nice – a quiet area for private calls or to just relax after a bout of work?

PricingThis could be the most decisive factor particularly if you are a shared office start-up. All costs –including hidden costs – should go under the scanner. What is the rent? The membership fee? Do you need to put down a security deposit? Which facilities are covered by the rent? For what do you have to pay extra? Are the terms flexible? You should also find out whether there’s a lock-in period during which you cannot vacate the space you have taken. Find out whether you can rent the space on a daily or hourly basis and pay only for the seats you use. This is one area where it’s prudent to know more rather than less. Be smart – ask someone who has already used this particular shared office space to give you the lowdown before making a decision.

How much space should you book?Don’t take more space than you need right now. But make sure the facility has room for growth. Volatility is part of doing business in Delhi. You can never know which way the wind will blow. Start small but start should be the motto for start-ups. Then there’s only one way to –up.

Office timings: Start-ups and small businesses don’t usually work from nine to five, do they? Find out if the office timings followed at the facility are flexible enough to meet your needs – and can fit in with your body clock.

Vibes and cultureThe right vibes are as essential as the air you breathe. Again, this can be determined by talking to someone who’s already been to the facility on your shortlist. Start-ups, in particular, thrive in a place with the right mix of business people and can provide endless opportunities for networking.

Getting a shared office space in Delhi that meets all these criteria would be a great find.


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