Mind Your Conference Rooms Manner in 2020: The Complete Guide



Having access to a well-furnished and equipped conference room is essential for entrepreneurs and consultants. But how good are your conference room manners? It is important to follow the right etiquette when leasing a conference or meeting room. If you don’t you will create a negative impression and the reputation of being an unwelcome client may affect your getting the bookings you want in the future.

2020 began with a bang, especially for businesses, and the recently announced annual budget has triggered hopes for brighter opportunities in the coming months. Opportunities are possibilities for companies to grow and build brand identity. Although growth and brand building go hand-in-hand, it is the professionalism that converts chances into revenue for the business.

Professionalism is vital for any business to grow, and it is never limited to the four walls of the workplace. It should transcend beyond the work area. Executives should sport it with fair manners while attending or managing conferences. We all know, good manners compliment professionalism. And in today’s fast-paced business world, the combination is a MUST, especially in conference rooms.

A conference is an opportunity to show professionalism, knowledge, and skills, but a minor etiquette mistake can harm the reputation of the executive and the company. So, are you preparing to attend a conference and are unaware of the manners to be heeded? Fret not. This article will help you make an impression.

Here Is A List Of Conference Room Etiquettes You Should Mind:

  • Plan: Prepare a list of items you will likely need during the conference. The list can include your cell phone, pens, pencils, eraser, notepad, laptop or tablet, your business cards, phone and laptop charger, etc. Remember to add the conference schedule and names of the host and attendees. Plan well for proper execution.
  • Clothing: Your clothing will matter the most when attending a business conference. Ensure you put on crisp, ironed, formal wear. Blazer and a tie will enhance your personality. Avoid informal clothing.
  • Meeting People: Shake hands correctly. Keep some conversation starters handy. Remember, conference rooms & meeting rooms have an atmosphere of open discussion, so, prepare accordingly.
  • Maintain Posture: Maintain a positive attitude at all times. Show up on time. Pay attention to the speaker. During breaks, speak good about others and the company. Avoid alcohol if you can. Eat less. Be courteous, extend a helping hand to a fellow attendee, for example.
  • Behavior: Your behavior will make or break your reputation. Ensure you respect everyone, from the entry-level employee to the CEO. Treat the conference room or hotel staff with respect.
  • Understand Where You Are: The business conference is not a personal vacation. Ensure you maintain a professional environment from start to end. Maintain decency, turn down sounds of electronic gadgets, keep your voice low, but hearable. Keep the conference room neat and clean.
  • Schedule Conference Rooms: Book early, cancel early. Formal meetings are usually scheduled in advance. Book the conference room as soon as you have confirmation of the meeting. If for some reason, the meeting is cancelled, cancel the reservation.
  • Book First: Always make a booking. You may find an empty conference room in a business centre. But this doesn’t mean that you can walk in and start using it. Check if it’s available and that you can book the complete office room for a specific period of time.

Remember, conference rooms and meeting rooms are designated spaces to achieve a common goal. Your success depends on how well-mannered you are. The fact that you are paying for the room doesn’t mean you can be rude or make unreasonable demands. A little courtesy goes a long way. You’ll find that the business centre staff will respond by going out of their way to help.

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