Money or Time?

Today, entrepreneurs, most of them, seem to only focus on money. But according to a new study (in the U.S.), new business owners are looking for something else – free time!

The study said that 30% of owners said they would rather like to have more spare time than more money. Surprisingly, 30% seems too low considering time management is of top-most concern in today’s time.

It takes us back to the whole ‘work-life balance’ issue, where companies rewarded its employees for working smart and more efficiently.

Round-the-clock? Why?

As for now, it seems that every business owner is working round-the-clock – the ones with e-Business are slogging throughout the day! Many owners never seem to sleep!

No wonder that the same study found many of the entrepreneurs to be seriously stressed out, with more than half of them saying that their stress level is either very high or… or the maximum ever.

One of the major problems focused on is – tech problems – with majority of them (77%) saying they’ve had to worry even more due to malfunctioning office technology.

Check not to cross the limit…

There’s a limit – a limit till how long you can go, how long you can work before your productivity takes a hit and your business starts to suffer. That’s when you start to lose whatever thrill you had – that thrill which got you into this business in the first place. It just grinds you.

So the big question for anyone who wants to go for a start-up – will they go for more free time or more cash?

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