No Time to Update your Blog? Speak into it!

  1. Break it. On a website, it’s better to have many articles on one idea or topic rather than.  You don’t have to like throw up a long essay on one single idea. Post it as a series of articles. If they are in smaller chunks, it’ll be easier to read!
  2. Speak into it. Software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, it interprets your tone of voice into words and type them faster than you can. There might be free versions of such software. Saves ample time.
  3. Practice. Don’t cut off your writing. Write regularly. Like even 5 minutes would help. Make sure that you write one or two paragraphs. Because if you don’t write often, you lose the chance of improving upon your writing. It’s like exercising – if you keep exercising, you keep getting healthier. And also, when you write those few paragraphs, try and write it as fast as you can.


So when you update your blog regularly with keyword-rich short articles or even pictures or videos – it steers more traffic and customers to your blog. And if you follow the above tips faithfully, you can come up with content faster and better. Saving time. And gaining more traffic.

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