Productivity Hacks for Shared Space

Wondering why would productivity need a hack? Don’t worry. We won’t hack it literally. At times, some words do sound negative, for example, when the word ‘hack’ falls on your ears, a visual of brutal slashing or chopping may flash through your mind. But in recent times, negative sounding words are often used to communicate the right meaning. We have the title of this article as an example, right?

Yes, nothing evolves without productivity. Productivity simply means, the quality of being productive or having the strength to produce. The efforts to produce succeed only when the results are measurable. Productivity, results, measurability, sound corporate jargon, don’t they? Can we apply these to shared spaces? Yes, we can.

Productivity is the key element for small businesses, freelancers, or solo entrepreneurs even in shared spaces. Without efficiency, it is difficult to compete and achieve business goals.

A majority of people who previously worked from home found it beneficial switching to shared because shared space created a positive impact on their productivity levels. However, the benefits of shared spaces, the buzzing work atmosphere leads to distractions and lose focus. To prevent yourself from getting distracted and retain 100% focus on work, here are top 5 productivity hacks.

  • Set-up a work plan: shared spaces create distractions making it difficult for you to stay focused. Set-up a work plan and a timeframe to complete work. Write a daily to-do list and strike off each item as you complete them.

  • Use a time tracker: Time is money. If you believe in this, hold yourself accountable for every minute you lose. Use a time tracker to track your working hours and analyze your productivity.

  • Reduce disturbances: Traditional office or shared space, you are bound to get distracted often. Invest in noise-canceling headphones and listen to your favorite music to reduce disturbances.

  • Personalize your workspace: Add some personal touch to your workspace. Put-up photos of your family or friends, add plants, good books to your workspace. They warm-up the area and increase productivity.

  • Take breaks: Working non-stop affects productivity. Take some time off the work and interact with others around you. Go for a walk through the office. A quick chat with others over coffee or tea will help you refresh. 

shared spaces do save you a lot of money, they provide an address in growing business areas, but it is important for you to stay productive. The above 5 hacks can instantly help you increase productivity in a shared space. Try them and find out which hack works best for you.

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