Real Estate Market: Where is it Headed?

The real estate market in India has seen a quick boom since last few years. India leads the pack of top real estate investment markets in Asia for 2010.

This boom was due to two reasons;

  1. Expanding industrial sector created a huge demand for office-buildings
  2. Requirement of places for dwelling.

The real estate market of India is in growing stage and the scope in it is just unlimited. It is considered that there will be unlimited growth for next twenty years. With metro cities already bustling with over-population, the focus of real estate developers and urban planners has now shifted towards developing the satellite towns on the periphery of bigger cities. The growth in the market is dependent on the new policies adopted by the government to facilitate investments mainly in the economic and industrial sector.

The new stand adopted by Indian government regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) policies has encouraged an increasing number of countries to invest in Indian Properties. A global real estate services firm has said. “India has added around 5 million sq ft of retail space in 2010 and approximately 15 million sq ft of space is lined up to get operational in 2011-2012. The real estate in India is on a fast track and heading to touch new heights.

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