Save that money!!

Measure those cracks !!

It’s not always about your employees and their efficiency, you know! So how efficient is your office? You may never have considered about it, never ‘realized’ it (to be more precise), but the amount of extra money that an office could be spending could be humongous – all too subtly. No matter how small the office may be. Its productivity needs to be optimum from all quarters. You don’t want all the ‘cracks’ to… to form a heap too huge to handle, do you?

So let us just look at some of the more ‘obvious’ ways to minimize those ‘cracks’… shall we?

Does it hurt to switch the lights off?

Really? You don’t really need to have a lecture on this. And also, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have natural light sometime of the day. Artificial lighting accounts for about 40-45 percent of the electricity use in office buildings. Look out; it’s a bright sunny day! And also, there’s no point in having the lights in an office staffroom or washroom on all day.

It doesn’t hurt the computers too!

Yeah, just switch it off or at least the monitor off when you do not need it. IBM estimates it saved $17.8 million worldwide in 1991 alone by encouraging employees to turn off equipment and lights when not needed. Set this fact as the screensaver of all your computers. Encourage your employees to do so.

And put someone in charge!

Not a new guy. Anyone of your employees who could keep a ‘little’ check on these ‘obvious cracks’. Just ensure that it happens and and that’s it ! You will save a lot (yes, not a little, but a lot) of overhead charges !

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