Shared Offices – Creating A Buzz

Demand for Shared Offices among Small Businesses

What’s the buzz in the corporate world? An idea called the shared office. It has come about as a result of the new work culture which embraces start-ups, freelancers and professionals – a set of diverse individuals generally working for themselves at their own pace, following their own time schedules. The design of the conventional office is being changed to include a large table with several chairs around it. All a person needs is his or her laptop to get down to work. Each space around the table has plug-and-play facilities. One day you may find yourself next to a legal eagle; the next day a freelance writer may be your neighbour or a financial consultant.

The varied mix of people around the table adds a new dynamic to the work ethos. There’s vibrancy and excitement in the air. Early-stage start-ups working alongside someone more experienced learn a lot by just being there. For the service provider, shared offices also generate more revenue. There’s a quicker turnover of clients and no empty rooms eating up space and losing money by the hour to worry about.

The shared office concept isn’t just attracting freelancers and individuals working on their own. Companies are subscribing to the idea as well. If the company is small, it might move everyone to a shared office rather than lease separate premises. There’s a ready infrastructure and high-tech facilities. Staff, maintenance and upkeep are taken care of. Administrative, catering and other facilities are available and you only pay for what you use. For companies on the growth path with multiple demands on their resources, a fully serviced office is a great option. Serviced offices in Bangalore are even large, established companies are subscribing to the idea.

A shared office is the ideal solution to house a team working on a special project. It fosters a sense of bonding among team-members, not so easy to achieve in a large corporate setting. Companies also find the shared office option useful when expanding their business network to other cities. They can test the waters in the new location without investing in an office of their own with all its attendant expenses. Companies also find shared offices useful for people who work remotely –they have a place where they can come in to report progress and share updates from other colleagues.

Designers of shared offices or collaborative workspaces keep in mind innovative work methods and brainstorming needs and often create separate nooks or ‘breakout’ areas where people can gather informally and toss ideas around.

The ambience is modern and conducive to creativity. Conference and meeting rooms with the latest IT infrastructure are also available for more formal meetings and presentations. Shared offices in Bangalore are an example of the manifold benefits of this exciting concept.

The shared office represents a fundamental shift in how people work. The traditional set-up of private offices is not only a waste of valuable space but does little to inspire innovation and creativity. Fewer management controls and the open plan of shared offices have been found to boost morale and significantly improve productivity. The perception of an office in the conventional sense has been successfully challenged. The shared office, which is fully serviced and maintained, as you can particularly see from the serviced offices in Bangalore, promotes a dynamic and vibrant work culture, makes “going to the office” more exciting and also makes great business sense. Serviced offices in Bangalore showcase

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