Shared Offices: Revamping The Way We Work.

The common emotion “just another day at the office” is fading, fading for good because the trend of buying or renting a traditional expensive office is declining, especially for startups or new businesses.

In the past ten years, the concept of shared offices is gaining momentum and is attracting the entrepreneurial and diverse generation of workers.

Besides the look and feel of the working environment, shared offices are facilitating innovative working styles and outlooks. Creators of shared office spaces are playing a significant role in how, where, and the way we work, thereby improving productivity, efficiency, and motivation to grow.

Shared offices are a paradise of and for professionals. Apart from professionals, freelancers from diverse fields, new businesses and startups are utilizing shared office facilities to increase network, encourage interaction, save money, and improve profitability.

Apart from the intangible benefits, shared office spaces provide more facilities compared to traditional office set-up. For example, shared offices are closely similar to a gymnasium where you sign-up, pay membership fees and use all the facilities. Likewise, a shared office is an infrastructure that enables utilization of basic and must have amenities.

Shared office industry has grown from just 70 members in 2007 to 1.5 million members in 2017 worldwide. The figures are likely to touch 3 million by 2020 and 5 million by 2022. The figures prove that shared office space or flexible workspace is becoming the workplace of choice.

Things You Should Consider Before Revamping The Shared Office Space

The status of the office space is changing. The way people work today is progressing to fulfil the demands of a marketplace driven by technology, agile businessmen and professionals. Here are 5 elements overhauling shared office working environment.

  • Human contact: Shared office spaces enhance user experience through engagement, communication, cooperation, and empowerment.
  • Finances: Enabling users to manage their expenses and helping them grow and increase return on investment
  • Digitization: Rich data and digitization empowers users to improve the performance of their business.
  • Innovation: Shared office space allows users to combine their thought process and solutions whilst adding value to transformation.
  • Sound operations: Helps in optimizing operational resources to increase productivity, reduce risks, secure high performance and ensure proper service delivery.

The road to a successful shared office space notion is laid and the future looks bright, but there are concerns regarding sustainability and growth. However, consolidation in the shared office real estate through the private-public partnership will help the market to mature.

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