Sharing An Office Makes Good Business Sense

team_officeOne of the first important decisions a start-up or small business needs to make is – where do we work from?  While a home office may seem like an attractive low – or no – cost option, there are several drawbacks, the main one being that it does not give a professional image. So you need an office which can serve not only as a place of business operations but also for client communication.  You should choose your office space like you would make any other business decision.  Look at the alternatives and determine your best course.

Avoid cash drain on precious capital

What many start-ups come to realize is that an office space can make a large hole in their meager budgets. It can be a large overhead expense and a cash drain on precious capital. Your business, your clients, may require a professional-looking office. But when you take a cold hard look at the numbers, you may well find that you can’t afford the high costs of office rental.

A shared office could be just the solution you need.  You do not have an office of your own but share it with other professionals. You get your own space in the office and it comes fully furnished and equipped with, in most cases, wi-fi accessibility. Infrastructure costs and overheads are taken care of. It seems like a ready-made solution.  A shared office allows you to focus more on your business than on managing an office, provides a convenient workplace environment to operate in. You can generally get more done without being burdened with the extra financial anxiety of a heavy rental.

No man is an island

One advantage of a shared office is that it can make the small entrepreneur, who may find it constricting to be home-bound, feel less lonely. Sharing an office space with related professionals is often a feel-good factor. In a regular office you have the chance to meet your office mates at the coffee machine and have a little conversation before getting back to work. In a shared office, you can also socialize a bit, share business wisdom and camaraderie and build up a valuable referral base. As it is said, “No man is an island”. So turn the problem into an opportunity.  Welcome your space partners and make going to work an enjoyable experience.

D-Desking – high value at less cost

D-Desking Final LogoDBS, pioneers of serviced office spaces in India, have launched D-Desking, which is made to order for start-ups.. You have your own space in a wi-fi environment. DBS Business centers, which house these shared offices,  are well-located, have a  prestigious business address (in itself an image-booster). The office has the trademark elegance and style associated with DBS and all you need to do is walk in and get down to business. It adds up to high value at a low cost. Besides the very reasonable rental you have the advantage of a short-term lease. Flexible office solutions make D-Desking at DBS a viable option.

D-Desking at DBS is ideal for small businesses …with big dreams.


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