Small things that matter….

Little things are Big!

When we talk about office supplies, we just overlook them.  The cost of all the little things like paper, ink, needed to operate is seldom over budgeted.

But hey they can add up to a lot and when it comes to small businesses especially, they really go on to spend huge amounts on these ‘little things’ when all they could have done was …

Print less

One of the best ways to save several supplies is to print less.  Now when you print less, you not only save a lot of printer ink (which is too expensive, by the way), you save a hell lot of paper. And your printer is much less required. Less printing means less space needed for paper and scraps and crap. Most importantly, avoid hard copies of documents. Save it on your computer. So you’re saving paper, ink, space, money by just printing less. The lesser, the better.

Remember, big things grow from the little things.

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